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Coastal Water Filters was formed out of the need for quality cost effective water treatment filters, systems, membranes, and pumps that were in limited or short supply in our area. We have been in operation since April of 2016. The owner has over 25 years of water system installation, servicing, and repair that has given him a deep knowledge and understanding of what this industry requires. While running his own service-based company, he found himself overspending on supplies and having limited access to supplies, due to how few companies sold these industry specific products. Out of this need grew Coastal Water Filters. Initially serving as a source of self-procurement, others began to hear of what Coastal Water Filters had available and wanted in. For the first several years, only by means of word of mouth, this little-known Water System Supplier, slowly grew larger. Now Coastal Water Filters has opened its doors to the wholesale trade community and hopes to benefit Contractors, Water Treatment Companies, & Plumbers with its array of wholesale Pumps, Tanks, & Water Treatment Supplies and Components.  Coastal Water Filters sells the finest Whole House RO Systems, Softener Systems, Sulfur and Iron Filters, Chloramine Filters, Under Counter RO Systems, Membranes, Filters, RO Parts and Components and Pumps. Be sure to look out for our Ozmosis Brand items.

What our customers think…

Customer Service

“I am very satisfied with their selection and customer service. We ordered a variety of parts, and everything has been great.”


“Good value.”


“Good quality item and fast shipping”

Customer Service

“The team is extremely helpful and responsive when you have a question.”


“Thanks for the good service”


“Item shipped and received quicker then expected, good communication from seller”

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