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Peabody 265 Gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank for Efficient Water Flow With 1.25″ Bulkhead, Lid – 8″, 31″ Diameter x 91″ Height | Gray

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Vertical Tank
Water Storage Tank
175 Gallon Capacity
Gray, 1.25″ Bulkhead, Lid- 8″

The Coastal Water Filters 175 Gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank is a versatile and sustainable solution for ensuring the purity of your water source. This tank is ideal for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial use. Crafted from high-quality materials, this tank is durable, dependable, and compatible with standard dimension ratio systems. With a sleek grey design, it offers a large capacity of 34 inches in diameter and 55 inches in height, providing enough storage for home, business, or agricultural applications. The 8-inch lid and 1.25-inch bulkhead make maintenance and installation easy. Peabody offers a 3-year warranty on this tank to guarantee dependability. The durable design and vital sealing help ensure the integrity and purity of stored water. This 175 gallon vertical water storage tank is designed to serve various purposes and is built to resist the rigours of long-term storage while preserving the safety and purity of your water source. It is user-friendly and easy to install, making it an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a solid solution for their water source.

Products Overview:

The 175-gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank is a practical solution for storing water in various settings. Its vertical design maximizes storage capacity while minimizing the footprint required for installation. This tank offers reliability and convenience, making it ideal for storing water for emergency preparedness, irrigation, or other purposes. A dependable water storage system is critical today, where access to clean water is vital. The 175 gallon vertical water storage tank is designed to effectively and efficiently handle this need. Whether managing your water supply, storing water for agriculture, or getting ready for emergencies, this tank offers the performance and dependability you need. It can be used in residential and commercial contexts due to its vertical form maxi,which space. With its 175 gallon capacity, this tank ensures sufficient water storage without compromising quality.

Product Responsibility:

This 175 gallon vertical water storage tank is crafted with a commitment to firm quality and environmental sustainability. Every aspect of its design and construction is carefully considered to ensure durability and reliability. At Peabody, we understand the importance of providing dependable and high-quality products. Therefore, we use premium materials in this tank’s construction and put it through a rigorous testing process to ensure its durability and performance. This 175 gallon vertical water storage tank surpasses industry standards and can provide secure water storage for many years. We take product responsibility seriously, and you can trust us to deliver a tank that meets the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Processing Construction:

This water storage tank is made with precision engineering and durable materials, designed to withstand the rigours of frequent use. Every component undergoes meticulous processing and assembly to meet strict quality standards, ensuring a product you can rely on for long-term performance and durability.

Finishing with Smooth Interior:

The 175 gallon vertical water storage tank’s smooth interior surface prevents algae growth and maintains water quality, ensuring that stored water remains clean and safe for use, whether for drinking, irrigation, or other applications.

Installation Process :

Due to its user-friendly design and the included accessories, setting up your water storage tank is effortless. The 1.25-inch bulkhead allows for easy connection to plumbing systems, while the 8-inch lid provides ample access for filling and maintenance. Moreover, the tank’s vertical orientation makes installation in tight spaces a breeze.

In conclusion, Peabody’s 175 Gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank is a reliable and efficient solution for all your water storage needs. It provides all the necessary features to ensure a safe and convenient water supply, including a high storage capacity, durable construction, and easy installation. This tank delivers the required performance and assurance, whether you’re managing your water resources, storing water for agricultural purposes, or preparing for emergencies. So, we suggest investing in the 175 gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank confidently and excellently.

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34 Inch


55 Inch


8 Inch


1.25 Inch


175 gallons






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