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Peabody Vertical Water Storage Tank for Efficient Water Flow With 1.25″ Bulkhead, NON-VENTED Lid – 16″, 34″ Diameter x 85″ Height , 300 Gallon | Natural

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Capacity 300-Gallon
Vertical Water Storage Tank
Crafted from high-quality materials
This Tank is w/ 1.25″ Bulkhead, Peabody
Non-Vented Lid – 16″ ,(48″ D x 51.5″ H) Gray

The Coastal Water Filters 300-gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to improve their water storage capacity.This has an elegant gray design, large storage capacity, and compactness. It is a robust, reliable solution that meets all your water storage needs. This is perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications, and its vertical design makes it space-saving and easy to install. This is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring sustainability and exceptional durability. It is compatible with standard dimension ratio systems and has dimensions of 48 inches in diameter and 51.5 inches in height, providing ample room for commercial, residential, or agricultural use. This is user-friendly, with a 1.25-inch bulkhead and a 16-inch lid that isn’t vented, making it easy to maintain. With a 3-year Peabody warranty, you can be sure that this is built to last. The durable design and vital sealing help ensure the integrity and purity of your stored water. The tank is designed for long-term storage and is perfect for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial use. Its 265-gallon capacity makes it an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a solid solution for their water source.

Product Overview:

This vertical water storage tank has a generous capacity of 300 gallons, making it a versatile and practical choice for various settings. Despite its ample storage capacity, the tank has a compact 48-inch diameter. It stands 51.5 inches tall, meaning it will only take up a little space, making it suitable for areas with limited space. The tank has a 1.25-inch bulkhead and a non-vented 16-inch lid, making it easy to access for maintenance and filling purposes.

Product Responsibility:

Our company takes great pride in our unwavering commitment to producing high-quality and reliable products. We have manufactured this water storage tank using this principle to the highest industry standards. Our rigorous production process ensures that every aspect of this, from the selection of materials to the final inspection, is executed excellently. As a result, you can depend on this to deliver exceptional durability and performance for years to come.

Processing Construction:

The construction of this water storage involves precise processing and meticulous attention to detail. Each component is carefully crafted and assembled to create a durable, long-lasting product. With reinforced construction and sturdy materials, this is designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use.

Smooth Interior Finishing:

The smooth interior surface of this is designed to minimize sediment accumulation. This attribute makes it easier to clean the tank and significantly reduces the possibility of corrosion or contamination. As a result, the water quality is maintained at a high level, and the tank’s lifespan is prolonged.

Installation Process:

This water storage tank is designed for easy installation, making the setup process hassle-free for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers. The installation process is simple and convenient, thanks to the intuitive design and clear instructions provided with this. You can have your tanks up and running in no time without any complicated procedures to worry about.

If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient option for water storage, consider the 300-gallon vertical water storage tanks. Thanks to its capacity and functionality, it’s an excellent choice for regular usage, agricultural purposes, or disaster preparedness. This is supplied by Peabody, a reputable water storage company, with a thorough 3-year warranty. You can trust the quality and dependability of this for many years to come, as Peabody is committed to achieving both customer satisfaction and product excellence. So, if you want to ensure access to water when needed, go for the 300-gallon Vertical Water Storage Tanks – a dependable and long-lasting solution.

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48 Inch


51.5 Inch


1.25 Inch


16 Inch


300 Gallon




3 Years Manufacturer


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