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Peabody Vertical Water Storage Tank for Efficient Water Flow With 1.25″ Bulkhead,34″ Diameter x 85″ Height, Lid – 16″, 300 Gallon | Gray

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Lid – 16″ ,Gray
Capacity 300-Gallon
Vertical Water Storage Tank
Crafted from high-quality materials
This Tank is w/ 1.25″ Bulkhead, Peabody

The Coastal Water Filters 300 Gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank is a reliable solution for ensuring the purity of your water source. With an elegant gray design, this tank has a large storage capacity and a compact size, making it an efficient solution for vertical water storage needs. Whether for residential or commercial use, this tank is designed to provide reliable water storage while ensuring sustainability and sturdiness. The tank is made from high-quality materials and is compatible with standard dimension ratio systems. It offers sufficient room with 34 inches in diameter and 85 inches in height. Installation and maintenance are easy, thanks to a 1.25-inch bulkhead and a 16-inch lid. Additionally, it comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure its longevity.

Product Overview:

This 300-gallon vertical water storage tank features a vertical design, providing substantial water reserve while occupying minimal floor space. Measuring 34 inches in diameter and standing at 85 inches in height, it offers ample capacity without occupying excessive floor space. The tank has a 1.25-inch bulkhead and a 16-inch lid, ensuring convenient access for filling and maintenance. Storing and accessing water is now effortless with this durable and high-performing tank made with quality materials to meet your various needs.

Product Responsibility:

We prioritize product safety and ensure that our tanks meet strict functionality requirements. Our high-quality tank is crafted from premium materials and designed to resist the rigors of long-term vertical water storage, providing longevity and peace of mind for your family or business. We are committed to product responsibility and adhere to rigorous testing and strict quality standards to ensure reliability and safety, promoting responsible water management practices. Our durable tank contributes to environmental sustainability with its reliable performance and sturdy construction.

Construction Process:

This 300 gallon vertical water storage tank is meticulously crafted to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Every aspect, from the reinforced construction to the seamless design, reflects our commitment to delivering a superior product. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques to produce each component carefully, ensuring the tank’s structural integrity and durability. We implement comprehensive quality control measures throughout the production process to maintain consistency and performance.

Smooth Interior Finishing:

The tank’s interior has a smooth surface finish that prevents silt buildup, making it easier to clean and maintain. This innovative technology reduces the risk of corrosion and contamination and extends the tank’s lifespan, ensuring that the water you store remains pure. A notable aspect of this tank is its smooth interior finish, engineered to prevent contaminants from sticking to the walls and promote water purity and cleanliness. This feature enhances the tank’s longevity and ensures the integrity of your stored water, making it suitable for various applications.

Installation Process:

This 300 gallon vertical water storage tank is effortless to install and comes with all the necessary parts and setup instructions. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you will appreciate the installation process’s ease of use and effectiveness. Thanks to its user-friendly instructions and simple design, this vertical water storage tank is a breeze. You can complete the installation quickly and efficiently. This tank is perfect for homeowners, farmers, or business owners who need to store water easily. It is a reliable and convenient solution to all your water storage needs.

The 300-gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank is an excellent option for anyone needing dependable water storage because of its large capacity, sturdy construction, and user-friendly features. This tank offers reliable performance whether you’re supporting agricultural operations, keeping an environmentally friendly water supply, or planning for emergencies. For your water storage needs, go with the 300-gallon Vertical Water Storage Tank—an investment in quality and dependability. Peabody, a reputable brand for high-quality vertical water storage solutions, proudly produces and distributes this product. We stand behind every tank we make because of our dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

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34 Inch


85 Inch


1.25 Inch


16 Inch






3 Years Manufacturer


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