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Featuring self-adjusting motor speed
Variable frequency drive control
Stainless-steel pump chamber for energy efficiency
Suitable for various uses
Maintaining optimal water pressure

This compact powerhouse, delivering 1HP (1000W) of power at 230V, ensures a steady and efficient water supply. Whether for your home or business, this pump provides the boost you need to maintain strong water pressure, making it ideal for showers, taps, and various water-related applications. Experience enhanced water flow and convenience, all in a sleek and compact design.

Consistent Water Pressure: Experience unwavering water pressure thanks to this high-efficiency pump. Its self-adjusting motor speed and variable frequency drive control ensure a constant and dependable flow.

Built to Last: Crafted for longevity, this pump features a permanent magnet motor and an all-stainless-steel pump chamber. This design not only ensures energy efficiency but also guarantees enduring performance.

Comprehensive Protection: Your investment is well-protected with multiple safeguards in place. From overload to overheating protection, rest assured your pump is secure and reliable.

Versatile Applications: Tailored to various uses, it suits municipal water supplies, tanks, and shallow wells (up to 30 feet deep in the water level). Versatility is at the core of this pump’s design.

Energy-Saving Performance: With intelligent frequency conversion and an energy-efficient design, this pump doesn’t just provide optimal water pressure but also helps reduce electricity consumption, contributing to both performance and efficiency.

The Ozmosis EZ Mini Booster Pump, equipped with a 1HP (1000W) motor at 230v and a sleek black design, stands as a powerful and efficient solution for enhancing water pressure in residential and commercial settings. With a remarkable 20 GPM max flow rate, this pump delivers a consistent and robust water supply, ensuring your showers, taps, and various applications run smoothly. Say goodbye to water pressure fluctuations and experience the convenience of reliable water flow. The Ozmosis EZ Mini Booster Pump is a dependable choice for elevating your water system effortlessly and effectively.

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Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Power Source


Item Weight

21 Pounds


‎230 Volts


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