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Ozmosis Brand 4″ x 40″ Brackish Water – Universal High-Pressure Membrane
Optimal Pressure 225 PSI (90-300PSI)
Its Average GPD 2,500
Salt Rejection Rate is 99.6%
Robust design guarantees long-lasting durability

Coastal Water Filters BW-4040 4″x40″ RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane—a cutting-edge solution designed to meet your brackish water desalination needs with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. This advanced membrane boasts high salt rejection capabilities, making it perfect for both home and commercial use. Crafted with precision from premium fiberglass materials, it stands as a testament to quality and durability. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of this remarkable membrane, redefining the way you approach water purification.

High-Performance RO Membrane: The Coastal Water Filters BW-4040 RO membrane sets a new standard in performance. It achieves an impressive 99.6% salt rejection rate, ensuring top-notch water quality and crystal-clear, purified water.

Energy-Efficient Design: Operating at 225 PSI, this membrane maximizes water output (approximately 2500 GPD) while conserving electricity. It’s a cost-effective choice for water purification, delivering exceptional efficiency.

Durable Fiberglass Material: Constructed from premium fiberglass material, this membrane is built to withstand the challenges of brackish water desalination. Its robust design guarantees long-lasting durability, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over its lifespan.

Versatile Applications: This membrane is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used for car washes, comprehensive whole-house reverse osmosis systems, or demanding commercial setups, it excels, making it your go-to choice for diverse water purification needs.

Manufacturer Trusted: Coastal Water Filters is a trusted manufacturer renowned for quality and reliability. Easily reference and verify your product with the included item model number, BW 4040, providing added confidence in your purchase.

As a product of Coastal Water Filters, a trusted company known for quality and reliability, BW-4040 product brings added confidence and peace of mind. With exceptional performance, energy efficiency and durability, it stands as the ideal choice for home commercial plumbing needs, setting new standards of quality in the industry

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Coastal Water Filters




Natural Yellow

Product Dimensions

4"D x 4"W x 40"H

Product Benefits

Long-Lasting Durability, Cost-Effective


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