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Coastal Water Filters 90 Degree Street Elbow Regular Plumbing Applications

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Its spigot-to-hub design

It easily fits into various setups

Made from premium PVC materials 

Ensure a smooth and efficient plumbing experience

Versatile for both residential and commercial plumbing applications

The Coastal Water Filters 90 Degree Street Elbow 5″ 90° (409-005), 0.75″ 90° (409-004), 1″ 90° (409-010), 1.25″ 90°, and 2″ 90°}  The 90 Degree Street Elbow is a handy tool, and it is designed for regular plumbing needs. In addition, with a simple SPIG x SOC connection and a compact size, it easily fits into various setups, making it versatile for both residential and commercial plumbing applications. The main job of this elbow is to help change the direction of water flow in PVC systems and ensure a smooth and efficient plumbing experience. Moreover, connecting pipes with different ends is a breeze, thanks to its spigot-to-hub design. It is made from premium PVC materials, and it not only resists corrosion but also stands up well in environments with moisture. The smooth interior finish minimizes friction, promoting optimal water flow while making it easy to clean. Furthermore, this street elbow is a practical choice, addresses user concerns, and contributes to the effectiveness of drainage systems. In conclusion, our 90 Degree Street Elbow is very simple to use and effective, it’s a sustainable solution for your plumbing needs.

PRODUCT OVERSIGHT: The primary duty of this elbow is to provide a sustainable and efficient solution for changing the flow direction in PVC systems. It facilitates the connection of pipes with different ends and promotes smooth water flow. This PVC Pipe is pleased to present the 90-Degree Street Elbow, a multipurpose, environmentally friendly instrument intended for everyday plumbing uses. This crucial plumbing part is painstakingly made to guarantee longevity and peak performance in a range of plumbing systems.

PRODUCT LIABILITIES: It addresses user problems by providing a versatile solution for changing the direction of flow in PVC systems. It caters to the practical needs of users, and it contributes to the overall effectiveness of drainage systems in residential and commercial settings. Quality and dependability are our top priorities while developing new products at the seaside. For the 90-Degree Street Elbow to surpass industry standards and customer expectations, it goes through extensive testing and quality assurance procedures. Our dedication to quality control guarantees that our products operate consistently and reliably, reducing the possibility of errors and malfunctions.

CONNECTION OF DIFFERENT PIPE ENDS: The fitting has a spigot connection on one end and a hub opening on the other. This allows it to connect pipes with different ends, and the spigot end fits into a female-threaded pipe, while the hub end slides over a male-threaded pipe. The 90-degree street elbow from the PVC pipe makes it easier to connect various pipe ends seamlessly, giving plumbing systems a safe and dependable union. When switching from a male spigot (SPIG) to a female socket (SOC) or the other way around, this elbow makes sure that there is a tight seal, which stops leaks and maximizes water flow.

CORROSION RESISTANCE: Being made of PVC, the fitting provides corrosion resistance. Additionally, it is suitable for use in environments where exposure to moisture and chemicals is common, it also makes a convenient choice for various applications. The 90 Degree Street Elbow is made to survive severe weather conditions and resist corrosion since it is constructed of premium materials, including metals that resist corrosion. The elbow’s lifespan is extended by its corrosion-resistant design, which guarantees long-term dependability and durability in a variety of plumbing applications.

SMOOTH INTERIOR FINISH: The interior of the fitting has a smooth finish, which helps reduce friction and minimizes material buildup. This design improves the flow of liquids through the pipes. This smooth finish also makes the fitting easier to clean and maintain. The 90 degree street elbow from the PVC pipe has a smooth internal surface that encourages excellent flow performance and lowers frictional resistance in the plumbing system. The smooth interior maximizes water distribution efficiency and improves system performance by reducing pressure drops and turbulence.

Finally, the 90 Degree Street Elbow is offered by Coastal Water Filters as a flexible and environmentally friendly plumbing option for everyday plumbing needs. This elbow provides continuous efficiency and reliability in a variety of plumbing systems because of its robust design, smooth compatibility, corrosion resistance, and improved flow performance. Select the PVC pipe for high-quality items that flawlessly address your plumbing requirements.

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0.5" (409-005), 0.75" (409-004), 1" (409-010), 1.25" (409-012), 1.5", 2"

Brand Name

Coastal Water Filters



Connector Type

Street Elbow

Thread Type


Exterior Finish

Street Elbow (SPIG x SOC)

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