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Coastal Water Filters Deep Socket Coupling Regular Plumbing Tool, SOC x SOC

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With a smooth interior finish

Its special design creates a tight seal

It’s made from premium PVC material

Prevents leaks in the plumbing system

This deep socket coupling is a lifesaver 

Coastal Water Filters (0.5″, 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″ (479-012), 1.5″,2″,3″,4″, 6″ ) deep socket coupling is a handy plumbing tool that helps connect two PVC pipes in a straight line. Its special design creates a tight seal and prevents leaks in the plumbing system. In addition, this coupling works with PVC pipes on both ends, making it versatile for different projects like water supply and irrigation. It’s made from premium PVC material, so it can handle high pressure while staying lightweight. Moreover, this deep socket coupling is a lifesaver when you need a straightforward solution for connecting two PVC pipes. It’s like the handshake of a plumbing firm, keeping everything in line. Whether you’re setting up a water supply system or working on an irrigation project, this coupling creates a seamless pipeline. Furthermore, this versatile component measures with (SOC x SOC) ends, and it ensures a secure and sealed joint between PVC pipes. With a smooth interior finish, it minimizes friction and allows for smooth water flow. In conclusion, if you are looking forward to getting a solid solution regarding your plumbing project, this deep socket coupling adapter would be a convenient choice. Deep socket coupling is a vital plumbing instrument intended for use in water line applications. This adaptable coupling is designed to give dependable performance and smooth integration in a range of plumbing systems, satisfying a wide range of plumbing requirements.

PRODUCT OVERSIGHT: The primary duty of the deep socket coupling is to facilitate the connection of two pieces of PVC piping in a straight line. It serves as a linking component in plumbing systems, and it provides a secure and airtight seal between the pipes. This PVC pipe places a high value on dependability and quality control in every product we sell. To surpass client expectations and adhere to strict industry standards, the Deep Socket Coupling is carefully inspected and tested. By ensuring that every coupling provides constant efficiency and reliability, our dedication to product control reduces the possibility of problems or breakdowns in plumbing systems.

PRODUCT LIABILITIES: This fitting addresses the user concerns related to sealing, structural integrity, and versatility as well. It is suitable for specific applications, and it provides a sustainable solution for various plumbing needs. We uphold the highest levels of quality, durability, and customer happiness because we are committed to excellence. The Deep Socket Coupling is made with great care and accuracy to meet the needs of different plumbing applications. We guarantee our couplings’ dependability and effectiveness, giving clients peace of mind about their plumbing systems.

AIR-TIGHT SEAL: The deep socket design ensures a secure and airtight seal between two PVC pipes. It helps to avoid leaks and minimizes the risk of water or air escaping from the plumbing system, It also addresses a common concern in maintaining the integrity of pipelines. To guarantee leak-free operation in plumbing systems, the Deep Socket Coupling is engineered to provide an airtight seal. This coupling offers a safe connection that stops leaks and preserves system integrity thanks to its precisely designed parts and close tolerances.

COMPATIBILITY: The coupling is designed with double socket ends, making it compatible with PVC piping on both sides. Additionally, this compatibility ensures that users can easily connect and extend their existing PVC pipe systems without the need for additional connectors. The Deep Socket Coupling’s adaptable design allows it to work with a variety of pipe materials and diameters and integrates smoothly into plumbing systems. This connection saves plumbers and contractors time and effort because it is flexible and simple to install, making it suitable for usage in residential, commercial, or industrial settings

STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY: It is crafted from professional-grade PVC, and the coupling offers impressive structural integrity. These address concerns about the longevity of plumbing components and provide a steady solution that can withstand high pressure. The Deep Socket Coupling has outstanding structural integrity and lifespan since it is made of sturdy materials. This coupling is designed to endure the rigors of regular usage and maintain its strength and dependability over time, providing constant performance in harsh plumbing conditions.

Finally, the deep socket coupling is offered by Coastal Water Filters as a flexible and environmentally friendly option for water line applications. This coupling provides consistent efficiency and reliability in a variety of plumbing systems thanks to its sturdy design, compatibility, and airtight seal. For high-quality products that provide exceptional performance and peace of mind in every application, choose this PVC pipe.

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0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.25" (479-012), 1.5", 2", 3", 4", 6"

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Coastal Water Filters



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Deep Socket


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