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Coastal Water Filters Octagonal Slip Ball Valve, Glue Solvent Weld, Sch 40

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Octagonal Slip Ball Valve

Compact T-Handle Water

Glue Solvent Weld, Schedule 40

Home Equipment for Water Flow

Shut-off valves for Irrigation and Swimming Pool

The Coastal Water Filters (3”, 4”) Octagonal Slip Ball Valve, Glue Solvent Weld is a super handy tool for controlling water in a breeze. In addition, the octagonal Slip Ball Valve, Glue Solvent Weld is built with premium PVC material, which makes it strong and resistant to rust, so you won’t need to worry about it wearing out. Operating this valve is super simple and easy because it has a T-handle that lets you turn the water on or off with ease. Moreover, it’s like a remote control for your water, you can use it for all sorts of things, from watering your garden to managing your swimming pool setup. The installation process of this fitting is very simple too, just grab some glue, connect it to your pipes, and you’re set.  Furthermore, it’s designed for use with “schedule 40” PVC pipes and fittings, which means it ensures your plumbing materials are not only sustainable but also exceptionally sturdy, and it also ensures compatibility with standard dimension ratio piping systems. This valve can handle cold to moderately warm temperatures, so it’s great for various weather conditions. Plus, it’s been tested to make sure it won’t leak and gives you peace of mind. In conclusion, if you are looking forward to getting a smart solution regarding your plumbing system, an Octagonal Slip Ball Valve would be a convenient choice. The Octagonal Slip Ball Valve Compact T-Handle Water Shut-Off Valves from the seaside are the best option for smooth water flow control in irrigation and swimming pool systems. This valve guarantees dependability and safety at all times with careful product control and a dedication to fulfilling strict product obligations.

PRODUCT OVERSIGHT: Our Octagonal Slip Ball Valve, Glue Solvent Weld provide a sustainable and efficient means of controlling water flow in non-potable water systems. This valve is made for controlling water flow in different setups, using PVC for durability and manual control, and it is versatile for various industries. Controlling water flow efficiently is crucial, and this valve’s precision engineering meets that need. Its octagonal slip-ball design makes for smooth functioning and gives you precise control over the flow of water. This valve gives you control over tasks like maintaining ideal pool conditions or regulating water levels for your plants.

PRODUCT LIABILITIES: It solves user problems by offering a steady and versatile solution for water flow control. It addresses common issues related to durability and safety. It provides users with an efficient tool for managing water in various applications. It is imperative to prioritize lifespan and durability, particularly when it comes to vital equipment such as water shut-off valves. This valve is made of durable materials that are suitable for glue solvent welding and sturdy Schedule 40 piping. It is designed to last a lifetime. You’re investing in long-lasting dependability when you use the seaside, so forget about concerns about leaks or corrosion.

EFFICIENT WATER FLOW CONTROL: Users can easily regulate water flow in their plumbing or irrigation systems using the T-handle for manual control. The T-handle allows for quick adjustments and precision control, making it simple to increase or decrease water flow as needed. Any application needs to be versatile, and this valve is incredibly versatile. Its versatile design guarantees smooth integration into any water flow system, whether it is used for commercial swimming pools or domestic irrigation systems. Whether you’re a facility manager, landscaper, or homeowner, you can rely on this valve’s adaptability to meet your demands.

DURABILITY AND LONGEVITY: The PVC material offers high strength and corrosion resistance, and it ensures the valve’s durability. So, users may benefit from a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance and reduces the need for frequent replacements. Every valve in the seaside line is built to last. Our valves are built to last under the most demanding circumstances since they are made of premium materials and are durable by design. You can rely on your investment in the seaside to deliver years of dependable service since it is built to last.

VERSATILITY IN APPLICATIONS: The valve’s design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as irrigation, water treatment, swimming pool equipment, and more. Additionally, users can use this fitting in various settings and promote versatility and flexibility. It’s crucial to have versatility, and this valve has it. Regardless of your profession—homeowner, landscaper, or facility manager—this valve can be used for a variety of tasks. Our valve easily and smoothly integrates into any water flow system, including commercial swimming pools and household irrigation systems.

To sum up, the most effective, dependable, and adaptable water flow control option is the ctagonal Slip Ball Valve, Glue Solvent Weld Compact T-Handle Water Shut-Off Valves from Coastal Water Filters. You can upgrade your home equipment with confidence since the seaside is a reliable partner.

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3", 4"






T-Handle Water



Exterior Finish

PVC, Grey and Red

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Ball Valve


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