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Coastal Water Filters Octagonal Ball Valve, PVC Tank Pond Solvent Flow Control

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With its sturdy PVC build

Resistance to rust and wear

It boasts unparalleled durability 

Made from robust PVC material

Innovative octagonal ball design

The Octagonal Ball Valve by Coastal Water Filters is the ultimate solution for regulating the flow of water in tanks, aquariums, ponds, and more. Made from robust PVC material, it boasts unparalleled durability and resistance to rust and wear. Its unique octagonal ball design ensures seamless flow control, maintaining consistent pressure like no other valve out there. With easy installation, even in small spaces, it is ideal for compact areas. Moreover, it works effortlessly with standard PVC pipes, eliminating the need for additional fittings. Whether for irrigation, pools, or general water control, this valve is the most efficient and sustainable solution available. It delivers steady and effective regulation of water flow across various applications. With its sturdy PVC build, innovative octagonal ball design, compact form, and compatibility with standard PVC pipes, it provides easy installation, smooth performance, and long-lasting efficiency. Whether used for irrigation, water treatment, pool equipment, or general flow control, this valve is the most versatile and ensures optimal water management. The pinnacle of water management innovation is the octagonal ball valve. This octagonal ball valve, which is precision-crafted and built to last, redefines dependability in fluid control systems.

OCTAGONAL BALL DESIGN: The ball within the valve is designed in an octagonal shape that greatly improves flow control precision. With this advanced design, it ensures smooth operation while minimizing pressure drop, ensuring optimal performance every time. This octagonal ball-shaped valve minimizes pressure loss and turbulence for best performance, ensuring smooth and effective flow management. Because of its sturdy PVC construction, which ensures lifespan even under the most extreme conditions, it is a solid option for both industrial and domestic applications.

DURABLE PVC CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with the finest PVC material, it is designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring steady performance in a wide range of water management applications. Its superior corrosion resistance properties make it an ideal choice for continuous use. The main goal of the design of this valve is versatility. This valve easily adjusts to any situation, whether it’s controlling the flow of water in a tank, pond, or industrial pipeline. Its small size makes installation simple in confined areas without sacrificing functionality.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: It is ideal for a wide range of tasks, including irrigation, water treatment, swimming pool equipment, and general-purpose flow control. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for various settings, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. It is easy to integrate and works with conventional PVC pipes, making it a hassle-free way to upgrade or replace old valves in existing systems. The Octagonal Ball Valve is a symbol of effectiveness and dependability in fluid control, found in everything from irrigation systems to water treatment plants.

COMPACT DESIGN: Installing valves in tight or crowded plumbing setups can be challenging, but our compact valve size simplifies the process. It is versatile for various applications, especially in limited spaces, and its innovative design ensures smooth operation. Its design is centered on versatility, which makes it appropriate for a variety of uses. Easily adapting to a variety of situations, this valve provides dependable flow management wherever it is required, from irrigation systems to water treatment facilities.

COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD PVC PIPES: Designed to be compatible with standard PVC piping systems. It seamlessly integrates into existing plumbing infrastructure without requiring specialized adapters or fittings, and it will work smoothly without any hiccups. Even in confined locations, installation is simple and quick because of its small form. Additionally, you’ll save time and effort during installation because of its compatibility with common PVC pipes, which guarantees seamless integration into current settings.

To sum up, the Octagonal Ball Valve from Coastal Water Filters is an essential tool for anyone looking to precisely manage flow in aquatic situations. This valve will always operate very well, whether you’re treating water, running irrigation, or keeping an aquarium.

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2.5", 3”, 4”



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Coastal Water Filters


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Ball Valve


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