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Coastal Water Filters PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip Plumbing Tool | Black

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UV resistance 

User-friendly design

Crafted from premium plastic

Ensures corrosion resistance

Designed for use with “schedule 80” PVC pipes

The Coastal Water Filters PVC pipe-reducing bushing slip for coastal water filters is now available in the following sizes: 1″ x 0.5″, 1.5″ x 0.5″, 2″ x 1″, 3″ x 2″, and 4″ x 2″. This adaptable part offers a clever way to maximize water flow in a variety of settings. In addition, this fitting comes with a user-friendly design, making it ideal for plumbing, irrigation, pool, spa, and DIY projects. It is crafted from premium plastic, and it ensures corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and UV resistance for long-lasting performance. Moreover, it’s designed for use with “schedule 80” PVC pipes and fittings, which means it ensures your plumbing materials are not only sustainable but also exceptionally sturdy, and it also ensures compatibility with standard dimension ratio piping systems. The easy installation feature reduces the need for specialized tools and makes it accessible for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts who are looking for a steady solution for their water management system. Furthermore, this reduced bushing from Coastal Water Filters simplifies water flow management while meeting premium quality and safety standards. It provides a versatile and durable solution to common plumbing challenges. In conclusion, improve your plumbing project confidently with this demandable, reducing bushing slip. PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip for Plumbing, Irrigation, Pool, Spa, and Home Decor Improvement With Corrosion Resistance, Schedule 80 Black.

PRODUCT OVERSIGHT: The main goal of this reducing bushing is to simplify water flow management and provide a sustainable solution for managing water flow in various applications. Meanwhile, it stands up to environmental challenges and meets stringent quality and safety standards.At PVC Pipe, we meticulously monitor every stage of the production process for our PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip. From material sourcing to final packing, our staff guarantees that every unit fulfills our high-quality requirements. This commitment to product control ensures that you obtain dependable and high-quality plumbing gear that meets your needs.

PRODUCT LIABILITIES: Our reducing bushing solves users’ problems by offering a versatile solution for various plumbing applications. Moreover, it addresses common challenges including compatibility, installation complexities, and concerns about longevity as well. We recognize how important product liabilities are to retaining consumer trust. That’s why we back our PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip with full liability coverage. This protects you from any unexpected challenges, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your investment is supported by accountability and dependability.

VERSATILE DESIGN: The Reducing Bushing has a versatile design and allows it to be used in plumbing systems such as irrigation setups, pool and spa installations, and DIY projects. Furthermore, this versatility makes it a convenient and multipurpose choice for users. The PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip was created with adaptability in mind. It comes in a variety of sizes and can fit a wide range of pipe dimensions and layouts. Whether you’re working on a home, commercial, or industrial plumbing project, its versatile design ensures compatibility and convenience of use in every environment.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This fitting is crafted from premium plastic material, and it has corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and UV-resistant features. Over time, it ensures a durable and long-lasting solution and reduces the frequency of replacements for users. Our minimizing bushing slip is made from high-quality PVC materials and is designed to last. Its tough design provides endurance and dependability, even in harsh settings. When you purchase Coastal Water Filters, you can be confident that you’re buying a plumbing product that will last and operate consistently.

EASY INSTALLATION: Our Reducing Bushing is designed for easy solvent, and it has an easy installation feature too. Everybody can install this fitting without the need for specialized tools. It is an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Say goodbye to complicated installations with the Coastal Water Filters PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip. Its user-friendly design makes installation easier. Whether you’re a professional plumber or a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll appreciate how quickly and easily you can incorporate this plumbing gadget into your system.

Finally, Coastal Water Filters provides a dependable and versatile answer for your plumbing needs with our PVC Pipe Reducing Bushing Slip. This plumbing tool demonstrates our dedication to quality and customer pleasure by emphasizing product oversight, accountability, versatile design, sturdy construction, and ease of installation. Upgrade your plumbing system immediately with Coastal Water Filters.

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1" x 0.5", 1.5" x 0.5", 2" x 1", 3" x 2", 4" x 2"



Brand Name

Coastal Water Filters



Exterior Finish

PVC, Black


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