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Coastal Water Filters Fluid Level Controller, Sump Pump Plumbing Improvements

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The Coastal Water Filters Fluid Level Controller is a brilliant tool for improving your sump pump plumbing. In addition, it works with both 115v and 230v power, fitting into different electrical setups easily. You can choose how it operates either Normally Closed or Normally Open and it gives you options for different uses. Moreover, it’s tough and it can handle dusty or wet places, due to IP68 protection. The controller comes with a long 6.5ft (2M) cable which it makes easy to set up in different spots. Furthermore, it is designed for heavy use and it has strong parts that won’t easily wear out. This tool is a capable choice for keeping an eye on your fluid levels and making your plumbing work better. This level controller is a versatile addition to the sump pump system. Its compatibility with various power setups and operational modes makes it adaptable to a wide range of needs. In conclusion, if you are looking forward to getting a possible solution regarding the fluid control system, this Fluid Level Controller would be the most convenient choice. The state-of-the-art Fluid Level Controller is expertly designed to maximize the performance of your sump pump system. This controller is your dependable ally in preserving dry and secure settings, whether you’re protecting your basement from flooding or controlling water levels in a business setting.

DUAL VOLTAGE COMPATIBILITY: The controller supports 115v and 230v and provides flexibility for different electrical configurations. The dual voltage compatibility ensures the controller can be easily integrated into various electrical setups as well. This fluid level controller offers unparalleled versatility and effortless installation due to its dual voltage compatibility, which allows it to seamlessly adjust to various electrical systems. You can be sure that this controller is ready to satisfy your precise voltage requirements without sacrificing performance, regardless of whether your arrangement calls for 120V or 240V.

DUAL OPERATION MODES: Users can select between Normally Closed (N/C) and Normally Open (N/O) operation modes to meet different application needs. The versatility of these dual operation modes enables greater customization and adaptability in various scenarios. The Fluid Level Controller, with its two operating modes, provides unmatched versatility to meet your pumping needs. To get flawless performance that suits your needs, you can alternate between the automated mode for hands-free operation and the manual mode for exact control.

IP68 PROTECTION GRADE: It boasts an IP68 protection grade and ensures resistance to dust and water, it is capable of harsh and challenging environments. With this level of protection, you can confidently use the device in various outdoor settings without worrying about damage from dust or water. This fluid level controller is built to last under the most demanding circumstances. Its IP68 protection grade ensures unparalleled toughness and longevity. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions, from dust and debris to submersion in water, providing dependable operation even in the most demanding settings.

EXTENDED CABLE LENGTH: The 6.5ft (2M) cable length provides flexibility in installation depth and it allows for versatile use in different settings. This extended cable length ensures that you can easily position your devices exactly where you need them. The Fluid Level Controller offers greater installation options thanks to its longer wire length. The wide cable length offers hassle-free setup and ideal positioning for maximum productivity, whether you’re maneuvering through confined locations or setting up intricate schemes.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Our Fluid Level Controller is designed for heavy-duty applications and it features upgraded microswitches and power cords for improved durability and capability. This controller is made to be strong in tough workplaces and can work a lot without getting worse. This fluid level controller is made to last thanks to its heavy-duty construction and premium-quality materials. It is designed to endure continuous operation and is resistant to corrosion and wear, providing long-term dependability and peace of mind for years to come.

To sum up, the Coastal Water Filters Fluid Level Controller raises the bar for plumbing upgrades for sump pumps. It offers unmatched performance and endurance thanks to its sophisticated features, which include dual voltage compatibility, two operation modes, IP68 protection grade, longer cable length, and heavy-duty construction. By upgrading your sump pump system with Coastal Water Filters, you can protect your property from water damage with unmatched efficiency and peace of mind.

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8.7 inch Length, 4.3 inch Width, 3.1 inch Height

Brand Name

Coastal Water Filters



Port Type

Plug 3 wire


Float Switch

Coil Voltage



Water Pump



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