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It operates at 225 PSI
Remarkable 99.5% salt rejection rate
Approximately, 2600 gallons per day (gpd) or more
Made from premium fiberglass material
Reliable partner for clean, clear, and efficient water production

Osmosis Membrane Brackish Water effectively removes impurities, salts, and contaminants, delivering clean, safe, and great-tasting water. Coastal Water Filters’ commitment to quality shines through in this membrane, providing a reliable solution for your water purification needs. Whether you’re seeking to improve your home’s drinking water or enhance your business’s water treatment system, this membrane is your key to pristine water.

High-Performance RO Membrane: The Coastal Water Filters BW-4040 RO membrane sets the bar for exceptional performance, boasting an impressive 99.5% salt rejection rate. It’s the ultimate choice for those seeking crystal-clear, purified water, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

Energy-Efficient Design: Operating at 225 PSI, this membrane achieves remarkable water output, approximately 2600 gallons per day (gpd), all while conserving electricity. It’s a cost-effective solution, ensuring efficient water purification without breaking the bank.

Durable Fiberglass Build: Crafted from premium fiberglass material, this membrane is engineered to withstand the challenges of brackish water desalination. Its robust design ensures longevity, providing consistent and reliable performance throughout its operational lifespan.

Versatile Applications: From car washes to comprehensive whole-house reverse osmosis systems and demanding commercial setups, this membrane excels in diverse water purification needs. It’s the go-to choice for a wide array of applications.

Manufacturer Trusted: Coastal Water Filters is a renowned manufacturer synonymous with quality and reliability. The included item model number, BW 4040, adds confidence to your purchase, assuring you of a trusted product source for your water treatment requirements.

Coastal Water Filters RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane BW-4040 stands as the pinnacle of water purification technology. With an exceptional 99.5% salt rejection rate and energy-efficient design, it ensures top-tier water quality while conserving electricity.


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Coastal Water Filters


‎‎Natural Yellow


‎4" x 40"

Product Dimensions

‎4 x 4 x 40 inches


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