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Ozmosis EZ Black Pro 1200 Watt 1.6hp
All Stainless Constant Pressure
Variable Frequency Drive DC, Inverter, All-in-one Pump
Built In Stainless Steel Check Valve
NPT 1″, 115v, 60hz, 10′ Cord OZ-IBP604-II

Ozmosis EZ Black Intelligent Pressure Boosting Pump – 115V 1200W. With a maximum flow of 26.5 GPM and an energy-efficient stainless steel and aluminum design, this pump is your solution for optimal water pressure and durability. Upgrade your water system today.

Consistent Water Pressure: This high-efficiency pump ensures a steady and reliable water pressure experience, eliminating the frustration of fluctuating water flow in your home or business.

Durable Construction: Constructed for enduring operation, this pump carries a fixed-magnet motor and a fully stainless-steel pump room. These elements not only foster energy proficiency but also assure lasting and resilient operation.

Comprehensive Protection: Investing in this pump is accompanied by a range of safeguards for your protection. These include safeguarding against exceeding load limits, running without water, frosty temperatures, lightning, voltage above the threshold, voltage below the threshold, and heat buildup. This gives you confidence that your pump will endure while you relax.

Versatile Applications: This pump exhibits a great degree of versatility, making it an appropriate choice for municipal water supply systems, water storage tanks, and even quite shallow wells (into depths of thirty feet beneath the water line).

Safety Assurance: This product has many safeguards that guarantee your security and satisfaction, including defences against electric hazards, extreme atmospheric conditions, and misuse of the pump. Its conception is based on your peace of residence and productivity.

Ozmosis EZ Black Pressure Boosting Pump definitely stands out with its 115V 1200W power, 26.5 GPM max flow rate, and advanced frequency conversion. Its construction from stainless steel and aluminum makes it reliable and enduring, as well as aids in achieving an energy-efficient outcome. This unit is the perfect pick for ensuring a steady, productive, and lasting rise in water pressure.

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Stainless Steel, Aluminum


Above Ground

Power Source



115 Volts

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