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Ozmosis XLE-4040 Reverse Osmosis Membrane for Water Filtration System 4″x40″ High Performance, Extra Low Pressure, 99.7% Salt Rejection, Made with Premium Toray Brand Sheets and Dow Glue

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Ozmosis Brand 4″ x 40″ Extra Low-Pressure Water Membrane
Optimal Pressure 100 PSI
Its Average GPD is 2600
Salt Rejection Rate is 99.7%
Effective membrane area 85 ft

Product Overview:

Ozmosis XLE-4040  Reverse Osmosis Extra Low Pressure Water Membrane, this advanced technology delivers cleaner, higher quality water. It comes with 2600 GPD capacity,100 psi and 99.7% salt rejection, which means that this will generate more water of higher quality while using less energy when compared to similar membranes. This Ozmosis XLE-4040 Reverse Osmosis membrane is utilized for multiple applications. Fits all standards 4” x 40” membrane housings stainless steel, PVC, or fiberglass.It has a Maximum Pressure of 600 psi, Salt rejection of 99.7%, a recovery rate of 15%, and Effective membrane area of 85 ft. Max.inflow temperature 45℃, Max.inflow 5 SDI, Max. water flow 15 GPM. Free chlorine concentration: <0.1, Continuous running PH: 3-10, Chemical cleaning PH: 2-11. Test water concentration: 500 ppm; test PH: 7.5. Maximum pressure drop per element: 15 psi. This membrane is made with premium quality Toray membrane sheets.

Product Features:

ANALYTICAL CAPABILITIES:  This product’s responsibilities include improving water quality by removing impurities, offering a trustworthy source of clean water, and assisting in the overall efficiency of a reverse osmosis water purification system in a variety of settings.

DUTIES RELATED TO THIS PRODUCT: The Ozmosis XLE-4040 RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane reduces the worries of customers by providing cleaner, safer, and better-tasting water, lowering energy and water costs, prolonging the life of appliances, and supporting a variety of applications.

MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: This product serves a variety of purposes and it is very flexible. In addition to providing clean drinking water for homes, it improves the water quality in commercial settings, helps with spot-free car washing, makes sure that agriculture is effective and supports industrial processes as well.

LOW-MAINTENANCE: The membrane’s durability and low maintenance requirements help to lower the overall cost of maintenance. Meanwhile, the XLE-4040 membrane’s minimal maintenance features are a result of its durable design, effective filtering and chemical cleaning ability.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: This RO Membrane prioritizes sustainability in material sourcing and manufacturing. Moreover, it utilizes renewable energy and minimizes waste, ensuring everyone receives leading performance while contributing to a greener future.

LONG-LASTING QUALITY: Made with premium Toray brand sheets, renowned for their durability, and Dow glue, ensuring a reliable seal. Enjoy years of dependable filtration.

The Ozmosis XLE-4040 Reverse Osmosis Extra Low Pressure Water Membrane is an excellent alternative for a dependable and effective water filtering system. This advanced membrane surpasses expectations by delivering superior filtration with lower energy consumption. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, the Ozmosis XLE-4040 ensures peace of mind with its long-lasting durability. Experience noticeably improved water quality, with a salt rejection rate of up to 99.7% of dissolved solids and impurities. Its operation makes it an economical choice for reducing your water filtration energy costs.

Additional information





Average Production

2600 GPD

Optimal Pressure

100 PSI

Max Pressure

600 PSI

Salt Rejection Rate


Recovery Rate


Continuous running water PH range


Effective membrane area

85 ft


Toray membrane sheet

Chemical Cleaning PH


Max. Pressure Drop for Each Element

15 PSI


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