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Extended RO membrane life for cost savings
Improves water quality by removing impurities
Efficient water flow with NPT ports
Suitable for residential and commercial use
Consistent and uninterrupted water filtration

The Coastal Water Filters Premium Stainless Steel Membrane Housing is a stellar solution for water purification needs. With its robust 304 stainless steel construction, high-pressure capability, and efficient design, it ensures long-lasting, reliable, and cost-effective water filtration. This product not only enhances water quality by removing impurities but also extends the life of RO membranes, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Product Responsibility: The Coastal Water Filters Stainless Steel Membrane Housing is responsible for providing durable, high-pressure housing for RO membranes, ensuring compatibility with various systems, facilitating efficient water flow, and delivering a reliable solution for water filtration needs in homes and businesses.

Troubleshooting Skill: This membrane housing offers a comprehensive solution to customers’ problems related to water quality, filter longevity, cost savings, ease of installation, versatility, and peace of mind. Its high-quality construction and efficient design can significantly enhance water filtration systems and provide lasting benefits to a wide range of customers.

Versatility: The fact that it fits all 4″ x 40″ RO membranes means customers can use it in a wide range of water treatment applications. Whether it’s for home use or in a commercial setting, this versatility ensures that it can cater to various customer needs. So, the versatility of this product is the ultimate freedom of the customers.

Easy Installation: The product’s efficient ports and compatibility with standard NPT sizes make installation easier for customers. Meanwhile, they won’t have to struggle with adapting different components to their existing system, saving time and potential installation costs as well.

High Pressure Capability: The 300 PSI capability makes it an excellent choice for reverse osmosis (RO) systems, where maintaining adequate water pressure is crucial for effective filtration. So, there is no doubt about the pressure capability of this membrane housing.

Its consistent performance, further underscores its value. For customers seeking a durable, efficient, and versatile water filtration solution, the Coastal Water Filters Premium Stainless Steel Membrane Housing stands as a commendable choice. So, if anybody looking for a water treatment solution then this product would be a gentle selection.

Additional information


Coastal Water Filters


Coastal Water Filters

Package Dimensions

43 x 5 x 5 inches


4" x 40"


Stainless steel


3/4" Feed and Drain Ports (FNPT), 1/2" Permeate Ports


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