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Ozmosis Brand 2.5″ x 21″ Brackish Water – Universal High Pressure Membrane
Optimal Pressure 225 PSI (90-300PSI)
Its Average GPD 400
Salt Rejection Rate is 99.6%
Made with stainless steel

The ultimate filtration solution tailored for households, agriculture, commercial, and industrial use. This high-performance membrane fits seamlessly into standard 2.5″ x 21″ membrane housings, whether stainless steel, PVC, or fiberglass. Crafted with precision using Toray brand sheets and Dow brand glue, it ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting filtration efficiency. With an average production rate of 300 gallons per day and a remarkable 99.5% salt rejection rate, the BW-2521 is designed for excellence.

Versatile Application Range: Suited for a wide variety of applications, including car washes, irrigation, the food industry, whole-house reverse osmosis, commercial reverse osmosis, and agricultural, and industrial purposes.

Universal Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly fit into standard 2.5″ x 21″ membrane housings made of stainless steel, PVC, or fiberglass, ensuring easy installation in different systems.

Compatible with Common Brands: Compatible with well-known brands and part numbers, including Dow TW30-2521, AXEON HR3-2521, Toray, GE AG2521TF, CSM RE2521-BE, and SEIMENS W2T178768, providing flexibility in choosing replacement membranes.

Superior Fiberglass Wound Housing: Utilizes fiberglass wound housing, which outperforms plastic housings, ensuring longevity and robust performance in various water treatment applications.

Performance Specifications: Offers outstanding specifications, such as an average production rate of 400 gallons per day (GPD), a maximum pressure rating of 600 psi, exceptional salt rejection at 99.6%, and a remarkable 8% recovery rate. It is also designed for a broad range of pH levels, making it suitable for various water sources.

This reverse osmosis membrane delivers excellent filtration performance across a range of applications and water conditions, making it a suitable choice for ensuring clean and pure water in your specific use case.

Additional information



Average Production

400 GPD

Max Pressure

600 psi

Optimal Pressure

225 psi

Salt Rejection


Recovery Rate


Feed Spacer

13 mm

Test Water Concentrate

2000 ppm

Chemical Cleaning PH


Max Pressure Drop Each Element

15 psi


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